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I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline recently and saw a conversation between two bloggers about what a blog post should consist of. The general gist was that unless a post contains multiple Vogue worthy images and a piece of writing to rival Shakespeare then it wasn’t a legit post. I might be slightly exaggerating here but needless to say the tone of the tweets got my back up a little.

First and foremost, a post is whatever you want it to be. If you want to write the next War and Peace accompanied with a grainy image then that’s fine. If you want to share 5 glossy images of your latest purchase with no words at all then that’s fine too. Literally whatever you feel like expresses your creativity best is what you should do! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no magic formula to creating a good post which is the beauty of blogging.

I hear some of you sceptics say “Well that’s fine but you won’t be very successful unless you appeal to brands”. And here’s what I’d say to them; if you want to blog because it’s your passion then making money is secondary or irrelevant. As long as your stay true to yourself, it will be fulfilling. If you want to blog to make money then exploit your unique take on a post to your advantage. How many times have we heard that this industry is saturated and there’s no more space for new bloggers. I think there is space as long as there is a point of difference. There’s no point in copying someones style or conforming to a standard way of blogging because it’s the done thing. That won’t get you noticed. If you’re doing something that is attracting an audience success will follow. It’s like the old saying, first they laugh then they copy. I’ve seen this and experienced this so many times in the blogging world. If you feel like you’re doing something unconventional then do more of it! Taking risks pays off.

So there really is not ‘correct’ way to blog. The more unusual and unique the better! Let’s use our platforms to force diversity in the industries we play in, challenge the status quo and pave the way for future creators.


These items were kindly sent to me.

autumn outfitTom Ford sunglasseswaterfall jacketLinzi lace up heelsrebellious fashion jacketBurgundy jacketripped jeans outfit

Waterfall jackets are fast becoming my favourite type of jacket this autumn. Here in the UK the weather has been fairly mild for this time of year so our big winter coats are still hanging crisp and cosy in our wardrobes. And when waterfall jackets come in such beautiful colours I’m quite happy to keep the winter coats at bay!


This outfit was kindly sent to me.

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You know when you find the most perfect piece for your wardrobe and you immediately fall in love. Well this is it for me! Khaki is by far my favourite colour (after black of course!) so you can imagine how happy I was when I found this wardrobe staple in that exact colour.