Getting Rid Of Coats This Winter

Coats and jackets make up the majority of my wardrobe. I’m a big fan of wearing basics underneath but pairing them with a blazer or a warm coat to make an outfit. I have jackets in so many different styles, colours and patterns just so that I can mix up my wardrobe. When winter rolls around I am in my element shopping for outwear to suit any occasion. But this year I have been totally uninspired (apart from the most snuggly teddy coat which I’m sure you’ve seen me wear to death over on my Instagram) and thoroughly bored of what’s already in my closet.

The trouble with buying trendy coats and relying on them to style my look is that they only lasts for one season. Last year I loved tailored double breasted coats and bought quite a few. But this year I’m over that style and prefer less formal coats so that means I have 4 or 5 unused coats which is a bit of a waste.

This winter, instead of relying on coats I have enjoyed wearing chunky jumpers. Luckily so far the weather hasn’t been bitterly cold during the day so often layering jumpers does the job. And as I’ve spent a lot of time in London in recent months I find wearing a winter coat can get too warm. While I’m jumping on and off the tube or walking around I don’t want to be lugging a heavy coat with me. Or even worse stuffing it in my bag and awkwardly carrying it, bumping off strangers on the busy streets.

There are actually a lot of times where wearing a coat just isn’t practical and I’ve found knitwear to be the solution. If I’m in and out of the car all day I’d rather not take a coat with me now. I’m terrible at taking it off when I get in and putting it on when I get out, it’s just laziness but I end up boiling in the car and then not wanting to wear it. I never wanted to believe that if you wear your coat indoors you won’t feel the benefit when you go outside but I have to say that it’s true.

I really dreaded buying jumpers in the winter. I’d only want to buy plain basic ones because I knew I would wear them religiously. Looking for anything else was a chore, especially as jumpers and cardigans always looked too big on me. Luckily for me the oversized look is back in fashion now so it’s acceptable to look a little swamped, or snug as I like to say. I also don’t remember there being as much choice. If you bought a good jumper from TopShop, the chances are you’d know at least 3 people with the same one!

This year I have found that there is so much choice for good knitwear. This jumper from H&M has been one of my favourites and has often replaced a coat. I love that it is oversized so I can wear a thinner jumper underneath for warmth and the roll neck is a perfect solution for a scarf. Zara and All Saints have really good quality jumpers in all sorts of styles that will last a long time so it’s worth investing in a couple of those. Unless the weather takes a turn for the worse (which I really hope it doesn’t) I think I’m going to stick with knitwear or light jackets to see me through till spring.

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