How To Have An Awesome 2018

How To Have An Awesome 2018

We’re nearly at the end of 2017 but instead of winding down I bet most of us are gearing up for Christmas and New Years. While school and our workplaces prepare to close in anticipation of a fresh start in January, we’re concentrating on organising ourselves for the busiest time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the most enjoyable time of the year too, gathering with friends and family and eating more than you thought was possible! But the build up to the main event means often we don’t think past the 31st December. There are presents to buy, parties to attend, food to cook and that’s all before Christmas Eve, it’s no wonder we put off thinking about plans for the coming year until it is upon us. But when I wake up on the 2nd January I don’t want to feel tired or stuck or in any way unprepared for the year ahead because time seems to fly by. I want to be refreshed and ready to fire on all cylinders and here’s how I plan to do it.


It’s as simple as that, just stop. Put down the mince pie and leave unwrapped presents in the corner, they can wait till later. Now is the time to really think about what you need to do to feel renewed next year. For me, I want to spend more time at home doing things that I enjoy. I love baking, decorating the house and watching festive films in the lead up to Christmas and often the winter holidays is the only time of year I can catch up with friends who live far away.


Planning is key to everything! I don’t mean working out your diary for 2018 or setting goals for you to achieve, I mean a short term plan between now and the end of the year to get you feeling back to your best. If you think you’d like to spend more time with your family you have 3 weeks to get dates in the diary! My weekends are going to filled will all things Christmas at home and evening spent with friends in our favourite restaurants.


Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. It’s so tempting to be on the go constantly because there is always something to do but this can be so draining. And don’t get caught up thinking about all the things you want to get done next year. There is always pressure to keep moving up in the world, that will never go away but now is not the time to worry about it. Enjoy December and remember to congratulate yourself for everything that you achieved his year.


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