Are You Being Ripped Off By Subscription Boxes?

Are You Being Ripped Off By Subscription Boxes?

Right guys, I thought I would do a follow up to my post on the Cohorted Beauty Box, which you can read here, because I wanted to make sure that last months box wasn’t a one off, value for money deal. Although I think subscription boxes are a great idea and the epitome of convienience, I’ve recently had a bad experience with one. It wasn’t a beauty box, it was a grocery subscription which cost more per week than the Cohorted Beauty Box costs per month. I thought it was pricey but was happy to pay extra for the convienience but after the boxes arrived damaged and their contents ruined, I had no response from their customer service team and no compensation. I cancelled that subscription straight away and have had a slight gripe with the concept ever since.

Before I tarnish every subscription service with the same brush I wanted to check that I wasn’t being ripped off by some other loophole that I hadn’t noticed before. I started to think about other subscription services that I’ve used and it made me realise that the value for money aspect isn’t always there because of wastage or damage etc. With this in mind, I’m going to review this months Cohorted Beauty Box to see if it can truely live up to it’s price.

Vita Liberata Luxury Trystal Minerals Bronzer – £35

Mineral makeup for the summer is somewhat of a trend but totally one worth following. Vita Liberata has to be my favourite tanning brand, their products are so versatile that they suit all shades. I know I will use this product as a bronzer or contour shade rather than as a tanning product. The value of this product is the same price as the monthly cost of the subscription box so already I feel much better about this subscription service!

Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Lip Liner – £10 (unavailable to purchase individually online)

I’d be happy with any Urban Decay product in a beauty box and if you saw my reaction to opening this box on Snapchat then you’d know I was really excited about this lip liner. It just so happens I’d been eyeing this shade for a little while so I was really pleased. Just like the Vita Liberata powder, this lip liner suits the majority of skin tones so I’m pretty confident it won’t go to waste.

Bettyhula Champagne & Spice Body Moisturiser – £12.99

Once again Cohorted have introduced me to brands I’d never heard of before. I was immediately drawn to this product because I’ve never seen a champagne body butter before which is rather exciting. This is what I especially love about this box is that it allows you to discover brands you might never come across normally.

Loewe Aura Moisturising Body Lotion – £15 (unavailable to purchase online)

I think this has to be my favourite product from this months box. I cannot tell you how good it smells! It is really feminine and light to wear which is perfect for this mini heatwave we’re going through at the moment. It’s also small enough to be travel size so this will stay in my washbag until it’s finished.

Lin & Lo Matte ‘Real Red’ Lipstick – £19

Another brand discovery this month was Lin & Lo who are also a mineral makeup brand. I always think a good lipstick is a great find in a beauty box because I know that at some point or another I will use it. And being a Cohorted box means that the brands are good quality. I really like the peace of mind that comes with quality products, I don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or the product leaking or drying up easily.

So overall this box contains £91.99 worth of product for the price of £35. Last months box was worth £106 so I think it’s safe to assume that each box will amount to £100 on average. A couple of the products included in this months edition are not available to purchase online which in a way makes them slightly more valuable as their not so easy to get hold off. Once again, I can’t find fault with the Cohorted Beauty Box and it’s definitely put my mind at rest about subscription services. I think the moral of the story is do your research before committing to a repeat purchase product or service.


These items were kindly sent to me. 

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