Why You Need Charlotte Tilbury In Your Make Up Bag

Why You Need Charlotte Tilbury In Your Make Up Bag

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone and bought a new beauty product after hearing rave reviews from bloggers only to be bitterly disappointed. It has to be one of the most annoying and frustrating things. It has made me really cautious when it comes to cult beauty staples these days because as the hype for it grows the cons seem to get lost along the way. And most must-have cosmetics come with a weighty price tag too so it’s not exactly an impulse buy. But recently I have come across a solution to this problem, a brand I can really trust – Charlotte Tilbury.

I had one of those moments after Christmas where I wanted to completely clear out my dressing table and start again. The only problem was, could I really part with the tried and tested cosmetics I rely on every day? The honest answer was no, it had taken too long to find products I get along with to just give them up! But I couldn’t deny that for a long time I’d been looking for more ‘efficient’ makeup.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spending hours getting ready but that’s not feasible every day. But I also didn’t want to compromise the result. After trying various samples from high street and high end brands I settled on Charlotte Tilbury and I wasn’t disappointed.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

This cream, where do I start! Moisturiser is so important to flawless makeup. I had used the Chanel Sublimage moisturiser which was out of this world, by far my favourite although it could look a bit oily as the day wore on. But I forgave it that, probably just to justify the price. After I finished the first pot, I flitted from face cream to face cream, not liking one enough to purchase again. Until one day I receive a sample of Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream. It immediately reminded me of Sublimage but had a thicker, more luxurious consistency which I liked. I used it at night and in the day and found that the silky texture really suited my skin. It inspired me to try Charlotte’s Magic Cream which I now use every day regardless of whether I am wearing make up or not. I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

Wonderglow Face Primer

This purchase was a direct result of my all time favourite make up tutorial. Charlotte recreated the wedding look she did for Amal Clooney which is absolutely stunning:

She used the Wonderglow primer in this look and it won me over immediately. It’s such a subtle way to highlight or achieve a natural glow. If you like BB creams or sheer coverage foundations you could probably just use this product on its own because it blurs out imperfections and brightens the skin. It applies just like a cream and makes your skin feel really soft. This has become such a staple for me because it allows me to use less foundation and concealer.

The Retoucher Concealer

Previously I had used a Mac concealer for years and years but I was never really happy with it. It was cakey and creased really easily. I did have reservations about trying a new concealer because it’s really difficult to find the right shade and texture. I decided to take the plunge and try the Retoucher Concealer, I liked how easy the application was in a pen. I was really surprised to find after using it for a couple of days that the end result looked just like foundation but with more coverage. It’s really easy to set with minimal powder so it would be hard to make it look cakey. If I had to find a negative I would say this concealer is not full coverage, if you want to hide bags this probably isn’t for you. But does have a really natural finish that could even be worn instead of foundation.

Eyes To Mesmerise

This is another product that I had to get after watching a few of Charlotte’s YouTube tutorials. It is a cream eyeshadow that has a slight sheen to it which gives a more natural look and is perfect for every dau. If you apply this with a brush it gives a wash of colour but if you apply with your fingers and then blend in it gives a much deeper colour. Either way it is easy and quick to apply. It makes it really versatile and it’s such a dream to blend – much easier than powder eyeshadows. Another great thing about this eyeshadow is that it does not crease even after 12 hours of wear. This is another product that I will definitely repurchase because it is flawless.


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