Dress To Party with Dorothy Perkins

Dress To Party with Dorothy Perkins

Finding that outfit suitable for party season is the least enjoyable part of the festivities for me. How do you choose something that will look good while you play board games with your family but also at a Christmas party? Instead of searching for endless pieces which I probably will never wear again, this year I’ve decided to keep it casual with block colours and simple tailoring. You don’t have to look like the fairy on top of the tree all shiny and sequinned to stand out. The classic look goes a long way, especially when everyone else is dolled up. For me, this look is perfect for an early Christmas lunch or a informal work do which doesn’t require too much effort. And with so much food eating and gift wrapping going on over the holidays, who has time waste on getting ready!


These items were kindly sent to me. 

  1. Hey I was just wondering how to stay warm but stylish .I’m going to Venice for couple days any idea bout winter wear I no see many blogs

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