Workwear For The 20 Somethings With Pretty Little Thing

You don’t have to dress like a frump at work. Although stumbling around in the dark at dawn isn’t the best start to looking your best every day, there is something you can do to help your mornings run smoothly. And that is to create an interchangeable work wardrobe. I’ve never really thought much about buying pieces to create an interchangeable wardrobe, it was just a phrase I would hear people like Gok Wan banding about on their make over shows. But as I’ve grown older and time has become more precious, anything that saves extra minutes is welcome. Pretty Little Thing have an amazing selection of on trend clothes and while at first glance they don’t look suitable for the office, they do really work for those of us who don’t want to be stuck in a grey suit 5 days a week.
By choosing a range of plain, print, tailored and loose fitting pieces you will be able to mix and match, giving you numerous choices without having to think to hard. Here are my favourite choices from Pretty Little Thing:
Outfit 1 
fluffy jumper
rouched skirt
Outfit 2
Printed trousersfloral trousers
Outfit 3
smart joggerswhite tie top
Outfit 4
ripped jeansnude bodysuit
Outfit 5
tie up blazerpink blazer
I’d love to see what you guys wear to your workplace. Tag your posts with #PLTPrefect on social media to  share what you’re wearing.
This post is in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing but all views are my own.

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