Tracks Of The Summer With Farfetch + Competition

Tracks Of The Summer With Farfetch + Competition

farfetch competitionsummer tracksOnce again time has made fools of us as we find ourselves on the brink of Autumn. Despite enduring somewhat of a heatwave at the moment, conversations concerning Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas have begun surface. It’s hard not to look ahead excitedly to the cooler months and all the festivities they bring but I am in no rush to hurry time along.

As September approaches I find it is the perfect time to reflect on the summer just gone. They always seem to dash by in an instant and suddenly the big plans you spent hours dreaming up slowly slip away. But before the attic hatch opens and our boots replace our sandals, while the weather is still balmy and mild, let’s take a moment to pause and relish the good times we’ve enjoyed.

ego heelsnew look

They say music can transport you to a time or place in your past, a single song can hold a memory for a lifetime. While we listen to our favourite music, our brain is busy forming links with our surroundings, absorbing and storing as much detail as possible ready to unleash the next time we hear that song. There’s no better way to capture the magic of summer than through the medium of music. Unlike pictures and videos, music inspires all of our senses and immerses us in emotion. That is why I like to use music at times of reflection. My top three tracks for this summer are from artists who you wouldn’t usually find in my playlists but it seems fitting as this summer has been one of new beginnings for me. Take a listen below. Whenever I hear them I will think of the very best memories from the past few months, from days at the beach to personal achievements. They are my little bits of summer that will accompany me throughout the winter and beyond. Summer doesn’t have to be over just yet.

To honour the power of music I have teamed up with Farfetch to give you the chance to win a pair of brand new Will.I.Am headphones worth £175! The I.Am +EPS headphones are a fusion of fashion, music and technology, ideal for any style conscious music lover. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to leave a comment below.perspex heels

Although my attempts to slow time down are in vain, I am clinging on to the dregs of summer through fashion. 2016 has played host to a number of incredible trends including my two favourites, the pyjama trend and the choker trend. Anything that makes wearing nightwear acceptable during the daytime has my vote! More often than not I have found myself whiling away the day in whimsical silks and satins floating loosely off my shoulders. It is the perfect accompaniment to lounging in the sun or strolling down winding lanes. And as a child of the 90’s I think I can safely say it is about time the choker made a come back!
farfetchedmisguidedchoker outfit

As ever, Farfetch have my favourite trends covered over on their website. I’ve pulled together a couple of looks that I’m dying to try and yes, you guessed it, a couple of nightwear pieces and a choker have slipped in there! outfit 1

outfit 2

Don’t forget to comment below for the chance to win Will.I.Am headphones. Best of luck!

  1. Your style is unconventionally unique and beautiful, I only wish I can grow up to dress myself the way you do, so seamlessly!

  2. I argee I love how music is transcend and how a song can make you nostalgia. Your number 1 song of the summer is also mine and I love how the outfit you are wearing is has a summery vibe. The outfit you picked from farfetch are gorgeous and have an transtion to autumn feel about them.

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