5 Tips For Working With Brands

5 tips for working with brandsFor me, the best thing about blogging is being able to work with my favourite brands and discovering new ones. I still get excited to check my inbox or DM’s to see what opportunities have come up and I love coming home to a bundle of blogger mail. For the majority of the time brands are really friendly and helpful butΒ there have been a couple of times when I’ve had bad experiences. That’s probably down to a mix of poor communication on both parts but here are a few ways you can avoid negative encounters.

Get Noticed

So firstly, if you want to work with brands but haven’t had a chance too yet, the best way to get the ball rolling is to sign up to websites like The Blogger Programme. These kind of sights allow you to create a profile which includes things like the subject of your blog and the amount of followers you have. Brands or individuals can search, view and follow your profile which makes it easier to find matches for your blog. You can also search for brands that are looking for bloggers to collaborate with and apply on their page. Β I signed up to The Blogger Programme when I first started blogging and I’ve had some great opportunities come through this channel. It’s given me a chance to try brands I wouldn’t usually go for, which makes it a really useful tool not only for new bloggers but for any blogger.

Be Open

If you are contacted by a brand who want to work with you it is really important to be as transparent as you can be from the get-go. If you aren’t keen on the brand and you’re not sure if it would fit your style then let them know. Explain your doubts and find out how they see the collaboration working. Chances are they were attracted to your blog for a reason so bear that in mind before writing them off completely. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say no if you’re not feeling it. It’s really tempting to say yes to everything that comes your way but this can be damaging for your brand in the long run and confuse your readers. You could start to lose credibility by throwing anything and everything on your blog. The same goes if you are plan on charging brands for sponsored posts. Make sure you are clear about the prices as soon as they contact you to avoid confusion later on.

Reply To Emails

Sounds obvious but I’m definitely guilty of doing this which is downright bad manners! Of course you should reply to emails within a reasonable amount of time if you want to work with the company that has contacted you. But even if you are not interested, you should still reply and say so. You never know when you might come across that brand or person again and it doesn’t hurt to be nice. It is also a great way to build contacts and make friends. I’ve met a few good friends through working with them on my blog or social media so you never know who you are going to meet!

Be Helpful

Ok so you have struck up a bit of a relationship with your marketing contact at the brand you are working with and you want the partnership to continue. As well as being friendly and polite there are a couple of other things you can do. Try going the extra mile to help them do their job. For example, let them know when you have received the product they sent you or send them links to the post onceΒ it goes live. This is really helpful for them to keep track of the work they are doing with you and it also keeps you at the front of their mind. Something that I like to do for both our benefits is to send brands the images I take of their products. It means that they have the original high quality image which they can use on their social media which also gives me exposure to their followers. Obviously don’t spam their inbox with emails but when you work hard on a new post don’t be afraid to share it!

Stick To Your Word

This one is simple. If you say you are going to post on a specific date or time then stick to it. There will be times when you can’t deliver on the what you committed too, in which case let the brand know in advance if possible and suggest a new time. Sometimes brands like to plan their social media calendars based on when bloggers will post a new image of their items so bear this in mind when you think you might struggle to get something up in time. Doing this will also help you organise your content so that you can stay on top of your to-do list.


  • 1 year ago

    Really enjoyed reading this post and I agree with everything you’ve said. I also think when it comes to working with brands that it’s important to make sure you’re standing up for your own rights and not being taken advantage of either!


    • Anika
      1 year ago

      Thanks! Totally agree πŸ™‚

  • 1 year ago

    Really concise and realistic tips, thank you! I’ve always wondered whether to let them know when I’ve received something (if it was me, I’d be dying to know) or if it was just clogging up their in box. I always share my piccies on Twitter and Insta with the brands @name as well.

  • 1 year ago

    I really appreciate your post! Being a new blogger tips like yours are always helpful!!!!


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