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Those who know me really well know that for the past 18 months I have been obsessed with making my bedroom the most tranquil and relaxing environment I can. It’s become my regular hobby to collect magazines or images of rooms I like and I’ve probably banged on about bedroom inspiration to anyone who will listen for far longer than I care to admit! But now, a year an a half down the line, I feel like my own little space is nearly complete. That is until I noticed the lack of candles. My go-to place for any home accessories is always The White Company so off I went on a hunt to find the perfect finishing touches. I soon learnt that there is so much more to adding fragrance to a room than just a pretty looking candle.

Winter productsThe White Company home spray


One thing I have always wanted from my own space was the chance to escape from normal life. When I enter my bubble I want it to look, feel and smell familiar and comforting. Fragrance can make a world of difference to any atmosphere, you only have to walk past a Hollister store to know that! In the summer I love fresh, citrus smells but during the winter, especially around Christmas, don’t we all want to immerse our senses in rich, warm fragrance. The Winter collection encompasses both the citrus element with the orange scentย but it also includes cinnamon and cloves for slightly spiced smell.


The Candle

In my opinion, everyone needs a selection of candles somewhere in their house. This was the first thing I noticed that was missing from mine and then I remembered why. When I was decorating I wanted to choose candles that would tie in with the colour scheme of my room, which of course is white. I get really fussy about candlesย that are not white but a cream colour, I know I’m being a bit picky but hey. So because of this my search for candles was put on hold until I saw that The White Company candles were as white as I could get. Next on my list is the engraved lid for candle!

the candle

The Diffuser

I find the most effective way of spreading fragrance inย a room is by using a diffuser. There are so many diffusers on the market now, all varying in style and smell. From my experience, some diffusers do a great job for the first few weeks but any longer than that they seem to fade. I’ve been using The White Company diffusers for a few months now and I can safely say they never lose their fragrance. Even in the bathroom where the smell of water and damp can drown out a diffuser, The White Company ones just keep on going.


The Home Spray

I was probably most excited for this item as I have never used a home spray before. My initial worry was that spraying the scent directly around the room might make it stuffy and uncomfortable but the great thing about this one is that the smell takes a while to settle. You almost forget you have sprayed it before you catch a waft of winter warming goodness.

Winter Home Spray



These items were kindly sent to me but all opinions are my own.ย 

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