Easy Ways To Be Organised

Easy Ways To Be Organised

Usually around this time every year I resolve to be more organised, more dedicated and more efficient. With most of us returning to work, school or college after the summer break there isn’t a better time to get our lives in order. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds! I know only too well that best intentions don’t last long once the hustle and bustle of daily life picks up again. I’m by no means the more organised person on the planet but these few tips really help me keep on top of everything.

Spring Clean

First thing first, a clean out is must! Before organising anything I will always empty the area and start from scratch. Try and clean out areas in sections to make the task more manageable. One weekend I will sift through my wardrobe and the next I might tackle my desk area. Whatever I’m doing I find it easiest to make two piles: things to keep and things to throw away. There is no ‘maybe’ pile because I know it will somehow merge into the keep pile! This is the time to be ruthless, try and keep sentiment separate. My rule is, if I haven’t used it in two months then it has to go.

Everything Must Have A Place

For me this is the key to being organised. Make sure you have a set place for everything and always put the item back in its place. I promise you this simple habit will save you so much time looking for that thingamabob you’re always losing! And make it easy for yourself to stick to this rule. I love to store things in boxes or tucked away somewhere but the reality is I find it’s too much hassle to keep opening and closing boxes all over the place. So find a solution that helps you be tidy rather than causing more work for yourself!

Use Your Phone Alarm

One thing I always struggle to stick to is using a calendar. I keep it going for a few weeks but after that I simply forget. So now when I know I need to do something I will set an alarm on my phone then and there to remind me. This is useful tip for everyone because most of us have our phones nearby for the majority of the day. The snooze button comes in handy if you aren’t quite ready for the task when you get alerted so there’s really no excuse to forget anything!

Write Lists

I am a huge fan of writing lists, it’s like a hobby in itself! If I’m on the go I’ll jot things down in the Notes app on my phone. But if I’m working in one place all day I will use a notebook. No task is too small to write down so don’t be afraid of making your list a long one. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you work through your list if you stick to it. Plus it’s the most satisfying feeling crossing off completed tasks!

  1. Just found you via twitter, such a beautiful blog you have. I feel like organization is such a battle for me, I start the year with the full intention of using planners and system to be better and that goes out the door. I feel like I am one of those that needs two a physical and a technological set up of organization. Love your tips.

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