8 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Handbag

August 21, 2015
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I know what you’re probably thinking, Whats In My Handbag posts are so overdone, but stick with me on this one! I always enjoy reading these posts or sitting through hours of Youtube videos watching bloggers empty the contents of their handbags. There is something incredibly intriguing and quite personal about noseying in someone else’s bag! So I guess it’s my turn to delve into the depths of my handbag and show you my most prized possessions.

Mango Little Tote Bag

Before I start I must confess that this post has also partially arisen as a result of a new purchase! I recently bought the Little Tote Bag from Mango. It is really similar to the famous Givenchy Antigona small tote but costs about Β£1,020 less! Buying a small bag is a huge change for me because I am a self proclaimed large bag addict. Tote bags, bucket bags, shopper bags, I’ve got the lot but I don’t own a small or medium everyday handbag. I’m one of those people who like to carry their entire life on their arm. It could be the middle of winter and you’ll find a tube of sun cream at the bottom of my bag, you know, just in case. My real challenge now is to eliminate the debris that sits at the bottom of my large bags and only carry the essentials.

So apart from the usual handbag items, like your phone, purse, keys etc what else do you need to carry with you? These are my top 8 items that I really couldn’t do without.


There was a time not so long ago when you would find a notebook and pen in my bag but recently I prefer carrying my iPad mini around. It’s roughly the same size and weight as a notebook but you can do so much more on it then just jot things down. When I’m out and about I use mine to write to-do lists, read e-books or keep on top of social media. The possibilities are endless so it’s definitely a worthwhile handbag companion.

Percy and Reed

Volumising No Oil, Oil

This is a new discovery of mine which I couldn’t wait to share with you, I absolutely love it! I am always sceptical about volumising hair products because so many of them haven’t worked for me. That was until I tried the Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil, Oil. Not only does it add volume but makes my hair super soft and shiny. I use this product when I wash my hair but I also carry a travel size in my bag which I use to smooth any flyaway Β hairs or sleek out my ponytail. And it smells gorgeous too!


Let’s stop for a moment and acknowledge that the title of this item is singular! I think we are all guilty of having 10 lipsticks of a smilier shade in our handbags at any one time. But in my new smaller handbag space is a priority! The one you will always find in my bag is ‘Double Shot’ by Mac because it gives just the right amount of colour and glides on like a balm.


Too many times have I been in an amazing place and found that I didn’t bring my camera with me to capture the moment. Well not any more. Luckily my camera, which is the Panasonic Lumix GF6, is fairly compact so I can slide it in to my handbag and be ready to snap anything that catches my eye.

Nail File

This item is a must for me! A jagged nail can be such a irk and the longer you leave them the worse they get. There is always the worry that the nail will become painful or snag on my clothes. So as soon as I see one I’ll whip the nail file out and sand it away before any unwanted accidents happen!

Nail Polish

There is rarely a day that my fingers aren’t french manicured but the worse thing is having fresh nails and one of them chips. This is why I always carry my white nail polish around with me for such emergencies. Admittedly Chanel is a little on the pricey side but the bottles last for ages and their Eastern Light shade is a more natural white rather than some of the stark whites you get with other brands.


There are two types of people in this world, those who dab on expensive perfume once in the morning and those who spritz throughout the day. I can safely say I am the latter. Which is why you’ll always find a full size bottle of my favourite perfume in my bag! At the moment my favourite perfume is BOSS Nuit Pour Femme.



Carrying a pair of sunglasses is essential for me, even in the cooler weather. Anyone who wears contact lenses knows the struggle of dry eyes or how blinding extremely bright light can be. It gets really uncomfortable during a long day! Having tinted or polarised sunglasses can be a huge help and take that strain off your eyes. I usually carry a pair of ZeroUV sunglasses as they are so inexpensive but come in a great variety of styles. Plus sunglasses make any outfit look more chic!

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